Bevallen in Reinier de Graaf Information Meeting

Jan 28th, 2017
In my 36 weeks, 28 days to go.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to the Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis (RdGG), one of the hospital in Delft (or the only one, I think). Not for doing something related to medical purpose, but for joining the Birth Information Meeting. Here, I want to share about my experience joining the meeting.

Why I Joined the Information Meeting?

Well, at first when I know I’m pregnant, I have no idea that I need to go to the hospital meeting to understand what the hospital offer us about the delivery. Why I have no idea about that? Because in my country, I’ve never heard things like this. But, based on what I read in the book and in the internet, and because my midwife said it’s good to join the meeting, so I decide to do it. And, I start to search the information about that.

How to Register?

It’s so easy to get the information about the meeting. Just open the RdGG website ( and searh “Bevallen in Reinier”. Here is the link:  RdGG organize it twice a month, every Friday in 2nd and 4th week, at 15.30. It’s free. You don’t have to pay for anything. All you have to do is fill in the form in the website. That’s all. It’s so easy.

Is it in English?

Ahahaha. That’s the point that make me so confused. The meeting is in Dutch, unfortunately. Because I don’t understand Dutch, I had a little story before at the end, I ended up to joining the Dutch Meeting.

Long time before I register (4 weeks I think), I tried to get the information whether I could have a chance to get the English version meeting. First, I sent an email to RdGG asking for it. In the email, they said that I could have a private session and if I really want to, I can confirm it via email. Because I was so busy preparing my baby’s things, so I didn’t respond to that email quickly. I just responded that email 1 month after that.

1 month later, I confirmed it via email, and I asked about the time. And then, they replied again, said that if I want to have a private meeting, then I have to make the appointment by phone call. What? Okay, then I started to call. And you know what, when I call, the RdGG staff told me that, “you can just register to the meeting schedule, come, and after that you can ask any questions in English.” What I got is that I have no chance to get the private meeting in English.

Okay, because I think joining the tour is important and my midwife suggest to do so, so finally I decided to register the meeting via RdGG website. It’s better to try rather than doing nothing at all.

How was the Meeting ?

After I register, I get the no-reply email, the confirmation letter. So, when the day has come, I went by walk to the RdGG from my house. Yeah, RdGG is so close from my house. Only 700 m I think.

First, I thought that the meeting would be like you doing the tour. I mean, the hospital staff and you will walk along the hospital, and the staff will show you where is the delivery room, which elevator you have to use to go there, where is the administration desk, etc. But, actually, the meeting wasn’t like that.

Overall, it’s more like an information meeting. And, after I went home, and I checked again, oh yeah, they never mention the meeting as the meeting and the tour, but they mention it only as information meeting. Then, it’s me who was wrong. Shame on me. Haha.

The information meeting was held in the Melkmeisje 1 and 2 Hall, 5th floor. You can use the 2nd block elevator to get the closest access. The meeting hall was big enough to accommodate the people because there were so many parents-to-be attending this meeting. Few of them bring a child, too. The meeting started at 3.30 pm and the speaker deliver information in the form of on-screen presentation. And yes, all the information is in Dutch and the on-screen presentation was very helpful for me.

The meeting was only 30 minutes. It’s a short meeting yet very informative in my opinion. Although I can’t speak Dutch, but I didn’t not understand at all at the meeting. Here the point that they explained:

  • Things you need to prepare in your hospital bag. Your things and also your baby things.
  • Where to enter the hospital if you go to hospital by your own car.
  • About the delivery room:
  • The delivery room (verlossuite and kraamsuite is located in 2nd floor Hall C)
  • What’s inside the verlossuite and kraamsuite
  • Verlossuite is the room that you can stay start from you come to the hospital in your labor until you successfully deliver your baby. If everything is normal and there’s no medical issues between you and/or your baby, then you can go home 3-4 hours after deliver, or in the next morning if you deliver in the evening.
  • If there’s medical issues, then after delivery you will be moved to the kraamsuite.
  • About their policy about medical pain relief
  • About the cord blood donation (navelstrengbloed donatie), which was explained by the Sanquin person. Yeah, I’ve read about this one and wondering whether it’s available in Delft or not. So, the cord blood donation information is the most useful for me.

Well, that’s it. Of course I didn’t get all of the information but only few of it. After meeting’s over, me and my husband went to the 2nd floor to get to know where exactly the delivery room. We don’t look exactly inside the verlossuite or kraamsuite, but we went to the kraamafdeling – maternity ward – to make sure where’s the place we’re going to go when I’m in labor.

As a closing, yeah I didn’t get the private meeting in English. But, if you have lived in Netherlands almost 1 year, I think it’s not that difficult – yet not easy, either – to understand the point of the information in the meeting. And also, you really can ask question after the meeting’s over in English because as we know that Dutch people have a very good English. So, there’s no problem.

For me, the meeting is useful and worth to attend. Just try.

Happy pregnant!



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