Winter is Coming

It’s Dec 21st, and today is the first day of winter. Time flies so fast that I couldn’t realize that almost 10 months I have been here, and it means that my time here is almost over. The baby is almost born, I’m about to going to be mother, and I will have a new life soon.

Winter in Netherlands, my husband said that don’t expect for the snow, because last year snow fell in end of February. So, there’s no white Christmas. But, well, I don’t care because I don’t celebrate Christmas either.

But, yeah, winter is coming. Welcome to the cold weather, the real cold weather, that I won’t find anywhere in Indonesia (not to mention Cartenz Mountain isn’t part of Indonesia, but I actually will not go up there only to find the cold weather). Good bye to the sunshine. Now, in the 8.00 am the sky’s still dark and in the 5.00 pm the sky gets dark again. Comparing to the summer time, when in the 5.00 am the sky has been so bright already, and even in the 10.00 pm the sky’s still bright.

I don’t exactly know what I want to write about. What I want to tell is, I just realize that time flies so fast. And, it means that sooner, my time in Netherlands is over, and I have to deal again with Jakarta and its complication.  *sigh*

Delft, Dec 21st 2016
When you realize the time goes by faster than you imagine, and you can ask to yourself, “where did the time go?”


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