Home Birth and Kraamzorg

How the Dutch system goes in labor and delivery?

The most loving part from the Dutch health system is the point of view about the pregnancy, pregnant woman, and the delivery process. Birthing in Dutch is believed as the natural thing that happened in the human being life, so they encourage the natural process instead of the medical intervention one. I think that’s why home birthing is so popular in Netherlands. It almost 30%.

Home birth is so popular

In Netherlands, home birth is so popular. Home is the place that most comfortable. You still can walking around the place you familiar with during your labor phase. You have more room to choose your labor position. There’s no strange feeling like in the hospital because it’s your own home, place where you live in. When you give birth at home, you can choose whatever position you want. Lying on your back, water birth, squatting, sitting in birth stool, etc. Your midwife has an expert experience to help the natural birth. Also, when something happen, the hospital always be there for you and you can reach them any time. The midwife really knows what she has to do and she is really responsible for you and your baby’s safety. That’s what they do in Netherlands. That’s what I learned from my friend who had a home birth and from the class. I plan to do hospital birth, but knowing that advantages of home birth make me confused. So, I need to discuss it again with my midwife.

Some of insurance company doesn’t covered all of the cost if you choose the hospital birth without any medical indication

In Netherlands, if you choose the hospital birth without any medical indication, you need to pay more that isn’t covered by your basic insurance (unless you have additional insurance). Insurance only will cover your hospital birth if you have medical indication. If you choose the home birth, of course it’s all covered by your insurance. So, before you decide, please make sure your insurance coverage.

Any medical intervention is rare

Using of medical pain relief is rare in Netherlands. C-section also has low rate in this country, only 15-17%. If you have a C-section in your previous birth, then in Netherlands it is really possible to do the Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC).

No medical pain relief, no surgery, minimum medical intervention, home birth, that’s what I love in Dutch system. They really believed it’s a natural, including the pain, that’s what God created us, and because of that, so you can bear all of the pain without any intervention.

Kraamzorg system

Oh yeah, the last thing I love in Dutch system is the Kraamzorg. The closest meaning in English is maternity assistant. Kraamzorg is person who will help you right after your baby is born. Kraamzorg will visit you, stay minimum 3 hours a day with you and your baby, in the first weeks your baby born (they have 8-10 days with you). She (Kraamzorg always woman) will guide you to take care of the baby –how to put the baby sleep, how to bath the baby, how to hold the baby, how to put clothes the baby, etc– , will guide and help you breastfeed the baby, check you and the baby condition (weighing the baby, check the urine, check whether your uterus already back to its position, etc), and also doing some light household chores, such as cooking, cleaning the toilet, even to go shopping.

She will make a daily report about the mother and baby’s condition. The report is written in a report book (of course in Dutch) and then, after the first weeks, after the Kraamzorg session is over, the Youth and Family Center (CGJ) in the Municipality take over the Kraamzorg role. No, they will not do the household thing of course, but you as parents need to take the baby to CGJ to check the development of the baby.


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