After My Childbirth Class

Dec 18th, 2016

It is 30 weeks already, and I need to prepare myself for our big day (me, my partner, and my baby’s big day). So, this is what I do. Attending childbirth class. And here I want to share what I learn after my childbirth class.

Regarding to my preparation, I choose to attend the childbirth class, as recommendation from my midwife and also as recommendation from the pregnancy book that I read. I live in Delft, but I choose the class in Amsterdam. It’s quite far, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t mean that in Delft doesn’t have English Childbirth Class. They do have. But, the schedule doesn’t match for me and my husband. Actually, the English Childbirth Class in Delft located near to our home, but the class takes 2 days with each day need 7 hours (from 10.00-17.00). It spend all of our weekend time and we don’t like it. So, I try to browse it, and I find this only 3 hours childbirth class in Amsterdam.

Do I really recommend for pregnant woman to join the class?

Yes. It is really helpful. Well, then if you only know about the childbirth process, you can get it by book or by internet. You don’t need to spend more money by joining the class. But, by joining the class, you get more than that. Here are some reasons and lessons that I learned from the class. Beside this is a recommended thing for pregnant woman, I have my own reasons why I really recommend pregnant woman to join the childbirth class. These are what I got in my childbirth class, too.

First, I think I need the interactive way to understanding the childbirth things. I mean, if you want to know all about the childbirth, it’s easy for you to find it from book and from internet (nowadays you can get almost all you want from internet, doesn’t it?). But, it’s all more than that. What I don’t get from the book or the internet is the interaction between me, as the first timer, and the experienced midwife and prenatal coach, which become the speaker of the class. You can ask so many things directly to her, and absolutely, the answer that you will get is accurate and realistic because she has wide experience. Also, you could hear another experience shared by another participants.

Second, you need encouragement. I need encouragement to convince myself that I can go through all of the labor and delivery process, to go through the pain, to struggle with it, to see your child. I don’t think I will get it to my midwife. Yeah, because they all have different role. Maybe you could get it, but I still think it’s going to be different, because you don’t have much time with your midwife just only to encourage you for your big day. But in the childbirth class, you have special time to get the encouragement, to get the affirmative input to yourself. In my class I attended, I learned that labor and delivery are painful processes, but it doesn’t mean it is something that can’t be done. You can do it. And the speaker always gives us that positive input.

Third, it’s all about my partner. Well, my partner is now dealing with his thesis, so I don’t want to interrupt him by forcing him learning about childbirth process all day long like I do. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary for him understanding the process, either. Of course he does need. Your partner has important role in the delivery day. So, the best way to make him understand, or at least, to get him know, is by ask him to join the class (that’s why we need the short time class, because he has not much time, the thesis is waiting).

Fourth, is chance to practice. Based on what I heard and what I read, labor is something painful that every pregnant woman has to deal with it. You may use the medical pain relief such as epidural (which makes you feel no pain), but if you don’t want use that (I don’t want use that), you can try the natural option. First is the breathing technique. I know, you can find how to do this technique from the internet, let’s say Youtube. But, if you join in the class, you have chance to practice and the speaker will coach you the right way to do it, and you will know whether the way you’ve done is right or wrong. Once again like I said above, you can only get the interactive way by joining the class. The other thing is the massage practicing. Like the breathing technique, massaging in one way to deal the pain. It doesn’t make you don’t feel the pain at all, but it makes your body feel better. And, yeah, by joining the class you’ll know the right way to do it, by practicing by yourself and guided by the real experienced person.

Last, but not least, you are not in your own country, and you don’t know how the system goes. So, you need to know. I live in Netherlands, which is if you want to find more about how the system goes, almost of it explained in Dutch, and I don’t understand it. Of course I can use the Google Translate (right click and select the Translate to English option). But, if you joining the class, you can understand better because she will explain it you with better explanation (sometimes Google doesn’t give good translation). Of course you still can get it from the internet or by asking your midwife or your doctor. But, again, in the class you really have time to understand it, to asking what you don’t understand, and what you get is really things what you need to know. You don’t need to spend time browsing and reading unnecessary things. Because the speaker will give all you need to know, all the most important thing you need to know about how the labor and delivery in Dutch system goes.

Yes, that’s the advantage that I get in my childbirth class. New friends, new knowledge, learning directly from the expert, have a time to discuss something you don’t understand, and many more. That’s why I really recommend you to join the class.

How to Choose the Childbirth Class in Netherlands?

Actually, there are so many options in Netherlands. But if you want to find the English class, there are fewer options. Only some city have the English class. Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and Delft are one of it. Just pick one the suit you the best.

Generally, what they offer are quite the same. Talking about the Dutch system, the childbirth phases, how to deal with pain, the labor and delivery position, and the medical intervention during labor and delivery. The difference is the duration of the class. The short duration (like my class) only has a little time to practice the massage and the breathing technique, while the longer one has more time for it. Also, the longer duration of the class, the more time you have to practice all the exercise, all the breathing technique, all the massage technique, all the labor position, and all the delivery position. Some of them might has certain class for the father. Find the one which suits you best and recommend by your midwife. Find the class which recommend by your midwife is important because it means the class and the midwife has the same view of the birthing process which couldn’t confusing you. Also, find the class which has the expert and experienced speaker. It really will help you and give you lots of information you need to know.

Here are some links that may be useful for you who are looking for English Childbirth Class in Netherlands:

    Available in Amsterdam
    Available in Den Haag, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht
    Available in Rotterdam and Delft

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