My 22 Weeks Check Up

Delft, October 25 2016

Today is my 4th appointment during my pregnancy. My belly is still well growing. It’s getting bigger and bigger. I eat more and more every day. I don’t know what happen to my body, but it feels like I feel hungry along the day.

I’ve already done the 20weeks USG in the last Oct 7, 2016. Now, my appointment is about to discuss the result of the test and also to measure the baby size, and there are also some other things that be discussed. These points below explain to you what the issues discussed at my 22 weeks appointment.

a.       What I feel now
This is the first question that she asked to me. She is about to know whether I have any kind of problems that need to discuss. Well, all of my problems are constipation and hard to breath. She said that those are normal symptoms for pregnant women. Yeah, I do think the same way. As long as it doesn’t disturb me, I think it’s normal too, and there’s nothing to worry about.

b.      Information about breastfeeding
Since this is my first pregnancy and I plan to breastfeed my baby too, she asked me to start gathering information about breastfeeding. Although it’s in Netherlands, there are so many breastfeeding class given in English. So, I need to start searching the information.

c.       Explaining the USG test result
The next thing we discussed is the USG result. Generally, my fetus is growing well and keep in the normal size, although the head circumference (HC) and the abdominal circumference (AC) are in the little above than average, but they are still in the normal range. The femur length (FL) is in the little below than average but still in the normal range. All me and my partner were thinking that our baby could have a big head and a big body with a short leg. But, yet, it’s still normal size. And also, we think that we are using the European Baby Size standard, not Asian. So, maybe the baby will not be that short but still has a big head and body. *entertaining ourselves*

d.      Measure the blood pressure and the iron (Hb)
She checks my blood pressure (like previous appointment) and takes some of my blood to measure the Hemoglobin rate in my blood.

e.      Later Tests: Glucose Test and Rhesus Test (in 27th weeks)

i.        Rhesus Test
My previous blood test showed that I have Rh negative c. It means that my body has the possibility to produce antibody and that antibody could be stream into the baby’s blood stream. So, in my 27th week there will be another test to see whether my body produce antibody or not.

ii.      Glucose Test
Although I have no diabetes descent and neither my partner, but because me and my partner ethnicity (both of us are Asian) have higher chances to have diabetes, so the midwives ask us to do the glucose test. The test will be done in the same time and in the same place with the Rhesus test.

f.        Next USG Check : To see whether my placenta has going up or not (in 32nd weeks)
Another thing that revealed in the USG test is my placenta is little bit low. Well, it’s normal because based on what I read, placenta, like the baby, is keep moving while in the belly. But this thing must become our consideration because it’s not good if the placenta still in the low position. So, in the 32nd weeks I will do USG test again to check the placenta position.

g.      External Measure of the Baby Size
The last thing we’ve done in this checkup is measure the external baby size. How is it be done? The midwife measure size of my belly, start from my pubic bone until the top of my big belly. When the size is in the normal range, so there’s nothing to worry about. And when the size is smaller or bigger than normal, than the midwife will make a reference to do some extensive USG to check what’s going on with your baby. Fortunately, my belly is in a normal size, so I don’t need to do another USG check (except about the placenta one I mentioned above).


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