It’s not Morning Sickness, It’s All Day Sickness, Really

Although people said that being pregnant is something amazing, well, what I feel is like a half-dead. No, I’m not trying to be too much, but really the morning sickness happens almost the whole day. Here I make the list when my nausea occurs.

  • When I woke up
  • After breakfast
  • Before, while, and after lunch and dinner
  • Before sleeping
  • When in a bus, or in a room for a long time

See? It looks like my whole day. And so, I couldn’t hold standing for long time. It’s hard for me to cook, to wash dishes, to go to wash machine room, even to get up. So, thanks to my husband for help me doing all of it.

Because, all I can do is only, sleeping. Really, I feel so tired.

But later, I found that my nausea was better at this time, because in the 3rd and 4th month, my nausea and other things are getting worse and worse. In this time, I still be able to eat even just a little and sometimes write daily journal, but later, I can do nothing.

*The end*


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