My Pregnancy – Selecting Practitioner and Making Patient-Practitioner Partnership

One recommended book to read for pregnant woman is “What to Expect when You’re Expecting”. I got it from my friend, the one whom I told you before – being pregnant and gave birth in Netherlands –, who told me that it’s a good book, especially for us who pregnant and far away from our closest family.

I’m just reading the first chapter, which contains the knowledge about how to get to know whether you’re pregnant or not, the symptom, etc. Actually, most of the information in the book I have already know from the internet.

But, there is another information that explained in this book, which I think it’s important for me. It’s about: Selecting Practitioner and Making Patient-Practitioner Partnership. 

  • You, as a pregnant woman, have to choose which kind of practitioner you prefer during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. There are obstetricians, GP, or midwives. In Netherlands, it’s a common choice to use midwives as your practitioner unless you have high risk pregnant or any other risk pregnant history, then you need to choose obstetricians as your practitioners.
  • I’ve already choose my midwives based on some reasons that I’ve explained in the previous story. So, it’s time for me to make patient-practitioner partnership. Here’s how:
  1. Write down any question or concern that you need to know. Ask it when you meet the practitioner.
  2. Tell the truth for all the symptoms you have felt when you’re pregnant. And take every symptom that occurs.
  3. Information that I need to know:
    • Side effect of treatment (or vitamin I take)
    • When to stop medication
    • When to check back
  4. Bring note when you’re visiting the midwives so you can easily remembered what you should do and don’t.

For me, Making Patient-Practitioner Partnership is aimed to make ourselves feel comfort to each other. By telling all of your medical history truthfully – including abortion, miscarriage, operation, contraception tools – helps your practitioner to understand you and your symptom and help them to select best treatment for you.

*The end*


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