Choosing Midwives (Verloskundige) in Delft

Do you find yourself pregnant in Delft? If yes, then you have to find midwives or Verloskundigenpraktijk near you.

You can see some tips from me for choosing midwives in this post.

Here are some list of Verloskundigenpraktijk in Delft:


Verloskundigenpraktijk Location Phone



Verloskundigenpraktijk Buitenwatersloot Buitenwatersloot 61, 2613TB Delft 015-2131458


Koning Julianaplein 5 B, 2635HD Den Hoorn


AVEA-verloskundigen Kampveld 10 D, 2611 DA Delft 015-2144442


Verloskundigenpraktijk de Vijverhof Buitenhofdreef 272, 2625RE Delft 015-2619707

If you want to find more Verloskundigenpraktijk near your location, you can search it in 

Do the midwives speak English?

Almost Dutch people speak English. So, I think most of the midwives speak English. If you’re not sure, just call them and ask them. For more information about how to register to their practice, you can call them or visit their sites. In some of the midwives practice we can register online, but some other, you need to register by phone call.

Just check it out!

Happy pregnant!


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