What You Need to Do When You Find Yourself Pregnant – In Netherlands?

Delft, still in my first month pregnancy

Here in this post, I’d like to share about the next step – the need to do step – when you’ve already know your pregnant, in Netherlands. At least, these are what I do, and maybe different for some of the Dutch people.

  1. Make sure you’re pregnant!

First of all, you need to make sure that you are pregnant by doing the pregnancy test using test pack. Here, if the test pack told the positive (+) result, then you don’t need to do the blood test in the doctor anymore to make sure you’re pregnant. The positive result of the test pack is believed to give 99% accurate result. For me, I done it twice in two different days and both of it gave positive results. Gefeliciteerd!

  1. Go find the midwives practice (Verloskundigenpraktijk in Dutch)! Not the obstetricians. 

If you already had a General Practitioner (Huisarts), you may contact to your GP first to get his/her recommendation.  Or, you can just browse it via Google! Then, I choose the second one, Googling is much easier since I didn’t have GP yet at that time.

For your info, here in Netherlands, pregnant women are handled by midwife. You only will be handled by obstetricians only if you have complication or any medical problem in your pregnancy. And you can’t go directly to the obstetricians. You need referral from your midwife to go to obstetricians.

  1. How to choose midwives practice?

Here my simple steps choosing Verloskundigenpraktijk:

  1. Find the one which covered by my insurance
  2. Find the one which nearest to my home
  3. Find the one which speak same language as I do (read: English)
  4. Find the one which has a good rating

My choice fell to Verloskundigenpraktijk Buitenwatersloot. It has good rating, near from my home (only takes 10 minutes by walk), and well-located (near Delft Station and Delft Centrum). Later I find that the midwives are so nice, well-English speaking (as almost Dutch people), have a good reference with another Prenatal Centrum and Hospital, and has a lot of patient. It means that it’s trusted.

  1. Register yourself to the verloskundigenpraktijk!

If you have found your verloskundigenpraktijk choice, then you need to register yourself to it. You may do it via phone call or register online. In my case, they only accept phone call registration.

So, that’s it. The steps you need to be done when you know you’re pregnant, here, in Netherland. Hope it can be useful for you!

*The end*


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