I’m Pregnant – The First Time When I Felt It

Delft, end of June, 2016

It was June 2016 when I felt something wrong with my body. It was Ramadhan, the sacral month for us, Moslem. The most special thing in this month was fasting started from Shubuh until the sun set in Magrib time. Well, another specialty in this month was this was my first time – and also my husband’s – to fasting in somewhere out of our origin country, in Netherlands.

It was near end of spring, when Shubuh time set in 3.00 am and Magrib time set in 10.00 pm. Almost 19 hours we were fasting, with eat no food and drink no water at all. The temperature was around 20-250 C, not that hot, not as hot as Jakarta which the average temperature is 310C. But, as we were used to feel the 10-150C here, so that spring temperature felt much warmer to us.

Anyway, back to my story. In the first week of Ramadhan, I felt fine. In the second week, my body was going weaker than before, so I got flu in the whole week but still I did fasting. Then, came the third week, when the flu has gone somewhere, but then nausea came so hard to me. Suddenly, I couldn’t eat anything. I didn’t know what happened. It’s not me. And then, I missed my period. It’s something unusual for me. So, I and my husband start to wonder whether I was pregnant. He insisted to buy some test pack when I thought that it was only hormonal changing since this was my first time doing 19 hours fasting. So, finally in the end of third week of Ramadhan, we bought it. We bought 2 packs. It’s very expensive in my opinion, because it costs around EUR 9.00, when in my origin country it only cost IDR 35.000 or equal EUR 2.00 or something.

But, I didn’t do the test directly after we bought it. I did it in the next day, and the result is POSITIVE. Well, I didn’t shock when I knew the result, because even I thought it was the hormonal changing, but yes I felt all the pregnancy signs: the nausea (bad nausea), dizziness, my period time’s stop. Those signs were enough to convince me that I’m pregnant.

How’s the feeling?

Do you know what I was feeling at that time? Well, I’m happy because we want to have a baby and it really happens. But, I scared too, because it means that I’m going to be a mother. Have I ready for that? For struggling for the new experience to take care of human being that God has given to us? Also, being pregnant and doing delivery labor far away from my hometown, it’s something I never ever imagine before. All of the midwives and the doctor who will take care of you speak different language (even though they speak English very well and I do can speak English). Your pregnant habit may be differ from what your hometown have. Yes, it really happens. So many different things.

And the most different thing about being pregnant in Netherlands is you will be taken care by midwives unless you had complication in your pregnancy or in your pregnancy history, then you will be sent to the obstetrician-gynecology specialist.

So, what’s next when I’ve already know that I’m pregnant? The next step was my husband call his friend who her wife been pregnant and gave birth in Netherlands, because we had no idea what to do. The best thing we have prepared is applying for insurance. It has been done since the first time I arrived in Netherlands.

After calling his friend, then we’re been told what we should do. What was it? I will share to you in the next post, okay? Anyway, knowing that I’m pregnant, I still did fasting, because it’s only a week left.

*The end*


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