My First Time Fly with Low-Fares Airlines


First of all, I want to tell you that I’m not a traveler. No, not at all. I’m just a person, a woman, a full time house wife, who accompany my husband studying in somewhere in Netherlands. So, to spend our leisure time, and to not-wasting-chance-to-travelling-around since we’re in Europe now, so every time when my husband has a break, then we will go to some-new-interesting-places.

The first country I’ve visited outside Netherlands was France. You know it, don’t you? Yes, visited the Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Lourve Museum, etc. The second was Germany. We visited Berlin. We saw the Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, and the Glienicke Bridge. The last one I think it’s not too familiar, but if you watched the Bridge of Spies movie, then you’d know what happened to this place. The third was Switzerland. We visited the Alpen, and that’s so beautiful, especially for us, who never saw a snow before, as long as we are from the tropical country.

All of the three country that I’ve mentioned above are easily to reach. Yes, we can go there by bus or by train, or by combination of two of it and we only need under 24 hours going to that three countries from Netherlands by train or by bus. Our fourth country now, which I want to share the story to all of you was a country which could not reach easily by bus even less by train. You will spend more than days to reach this country. What country was this? This was Italy.

Based on Google Maps, Italy is 1,365 km away from Netherlands. It’s so far. Due to that reason and also due to the limited of time, so both of us decided to go to Italy by airplane. Our destinations were Cinque Terre and Florence which if you want to go there by airplane, the nearest airport is Pisa International Airport. When we checked the schedule – thanks for so we could easily know the schedule – the airline that provide flights to Pisa from Netherlands, was Ryan Air. Well, actually I didn’t know exactly how well Ryan Air rated between any other low-fares airlines, but because Ryan Air was the only airline that match with our schedule, so I decided to flight with this airline. So, I could say that this was my first flight in Europe and also this was my first flight using low-fares airline.

So, how it was?

Well, firstly, I surprised with the very cheap price that they offered. I mean, wow, that’s so cheap, you could go to Italy only by spending 50 something euros. That’s so interesting. So I decided to buy 2 seats. Paid by credit card. Thanks to that amazing card, actually. 😀

Well, the biggest thing that I didn’t know about these low-fares airlines was the reason why they could offer very low fare. At that time, I thought that in low-fares airlines we still could choose the seat wherever we want and we could bring our 20 kg hold luggage (not hand luggage in cabin) without pay any charges. And the fact is, you need to pay if you want to choose your own seat and if you want to bring hold luggage. Oh my God! I didn’t know it at all. So, then it’s true to say that low-fares airlines are for anybody who want to pay only what they need. Yes, exactly. Because if you travel alone with only hand luggage, so why you have to pay on those facilities that you do not need at all? Nice work.

But it didn’t work well to us, because we haven’t used to doing a light travel. We used to have a big luggage and not bring it into cabin. It’s not so us to bring our big luggage into cabin. And also, we don’t want to have a separate seat. So, because of those things, then we decided to pay more so we can sit next to each other. What about the luggage? Yeah, I didn’t want to pay the charges, so we packed our luggage as simple as we could so we could bring it into the cabin.

Another thing that surprised me is you need to check-in online and have the boarding pass printed before you come to the airport or you’ll pay more if you check-in in the airport. Check-in online and print the boarding pass on my own was not a big surprise to me, because I used to do it when I traveled. But, pay more (again) if you check-in in the airport? Oh come on, it’s new for me. I don’t know whether another low-fare airlines did the same thing or not, but Ryan Air did. In Ryan Air, if you want to check-in in airport, you need to pay a charge. So, to avoid the charge, do not forget to check-in online and have the boarding pass printed.

The last thing, for some nationality, make sure you have done the visa check and get the stamp in your boarding pass from the airport authority. It’s easy. Just go to the visa check counter, show your passport and your boarding pass, and taraaa, you get your boarding pass stamped.

What about delayed?

I thought that only Indonesia that had a delayed flight. We were wrong then because our flight to Pisa from Eindhoven was delayed until one hour on more, I didn’t know exactly how long it was. However, it’s safe flight. Thanks God.

How was Italy, then?

Oh yeah, sure I will share the story but maybe in the next post. Just wait!


2 thoughts on “My First Time Fly with Low-Fares Airlines

  1. Zharina says:

    My question is… how much did you pay in the end? I’m curious whether the added fee still reasonable or not from the initial price (50 euro each)


    • daysindelft says:

      Well, na, in the end, I paid 78e (58e plus 20e) because I chose my own seat, and also I spent 22e more to buy train ticket from Delft to Eindhoven, so the total was 100e each person. It’s one-way, not return journey naa. Just multiply it if you want to know the total price EIN-PSA-EIN. Hihihihii…


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